Qualification for security guards vary from country to country. Different requirements have to be completed before applying for this job.


A group of indian security guards in formation before going on duty

Any applicant who wishes to apply for a Security Personnel Permit (SPP) must:

  • He/she should be indian
  • No criminal record.
  • At least 18years old when submitting his/her application.
  • Have passed a mandatory 16-hour training.
  • If the applicant is over 65 years old, he/she must submit his/her health examination report.


Security Personnel Permit was separated to four types: A, B, C, and D.

  • Type A permit holder was permitted to work in a “single-block” residential building; they are not allowed to carry firearms. No age limit.
  • Type B permit holder was permitted to work in any type of properties, but they also are not allowed carry firearms. The maximum age limit of this permit is 65.
  • Type C permit holder was permitted to work as an armed guard. (Usually, they are members of the cash transport car crew.) The maximum age limit of this permit is 55.
  • Type D permit holder was permitted to design, install, and repair security devices. No maximum age limit.

The permit is valid for five years. All holders must renew their permit before it expires, or they will lose their qualification to work, as such, until their permit is renewed.

The type A and Type B security service are gradually combined with property management service, though the boundary between these two industries is unclear.

Power of arrest

Security Guards in india do not have special powers of arrest above that of the ordinary citizen, i.e. citizen’s arrest, also known locally as the “101 arrest power”. The Section 101 in the Criminal Procedure Ordinance addresses that arrest of an offender by a private citizen is allowed in certain circumstances if the offender is attempting an arrestable offense. Once arrested, the suspect must be delivered to a police office as soon as possible. An arrestable offence is defined as any crime carrying a sentence of more than 12 months imprisonment. No security personnel are allowed to search other person, nor are they allowed to get personal information from other people, with the exception of some specific circumstances.

The private security industry is regulated by the Ministry of Home Affairs ,all private security companies in Malaysia must have a minimum of 80% of their employees complete a Certified Security Guard Training.

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