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We, the Rover Security Guard Services, are the leader in the field of Security Guards of Every Requirement is Registered under the Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005. We provide Security Guards Services, Armed Guards Security Services, Trained Security Guards Services, Gun Man Security Services, VIP and Executive Security services, Corporate Security Services, Industrial Security Guards Services, Domestic Security Guards Services, Project and Event Security Services, Personal Body guards, Security Guards Training, Security Guards Recruitment Services, Security supervisors, Guarding Services Lady Security Officers Lucknow India. These cost effective services successfully meet the desired requirement of our clients..

We feel pleased to take this opportunity to introduce to your Lucknow based organization to have specialized in security jobs in innumerable industries, companies, showroom, schools, residential areas, offices, parks, hospital, evens etc. We are determined to provide a full proof security cover to our valuable clients. Our we trained and competent personnel will guard tour assets round the clock, as the assignment on contrast will be carried out to your satisfaction.
Our firm is duly registered with the registrar of firms U.P. and appropriate authorities and abides by various labor laws governing such services from time to time to ensure a trouble free service to you. We understand that you want to recruit Security for your Site. We wish to be at your service, if given a change, our team will work to your satisfaction and sincerity. We look forward to hear from you in the near future.



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    • Agency ID
    • Own ID
    • Agency Dress Code

    Guard must be in uniform

    • Experienced
    • honest
    • good leadership
    • wellness
    • Reliable and Disciplined.
    • management staff related with Army.

    Approximatelly 10,000 to 1,00,000 but The cost depends upon the security agency like quality of service

    All the security guards and officers wears uniform which provided by the company which highlights  the company logo in the uniform.

    It Depends on your needs, If you need it for the residential purpose you can hire residential  security guard, if you need if for your office then you can recruit commercial security guards, the security agency offers you trained armed and unarmed guards, bouncers, PSO’s and also private security guards.

    Security guard duty depending upon the services securing a property, prevention of required. including services securing a property, prevention of property damage and theft, cameras and gate installation alarm management and access control software.

    Basically security agencies provide residential, commercial, construction, development, personnel, Bodyguards, armed/unarmed, and event security services.

    Depending on the law and order of states security guards can carry guns. However this can also depends upon type of weapon, training and licencing. Armed security uses their gun, and fire on threats but they have to write a report/evidence about the incident and taken action

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